January 2004 Weekend

QUAKE RANCH - Round ??

Welcome to the January Long weekend of 2004 gaming page, Here you will find information on what to bring, plus the usual ENVY Page

For any more information please contact Darren

OK what is new this time around, Well thanks to Steve Tonkli we have a new site somewhere between the two shires. Casa Del Tonkli Multi Story Mansion with gold fittings in the bathrooms so he tells us..

Parking will be a bit limited, I can bring a number of desks and chairs so get your answer in early otherwise you will be holding your monitor on your lap :-).

FILL OUT THE ENVY Form NOW, just go to the Envy Page and type in a password at the bottom, then click the create button and then fill in your details. If I have forgotten something let me know, There is now a place for 3D marks 2001 and 03 my measly machine is not doing that good on the real speed stakes.

Come back Daily for more updates.

Things left behind from previous game weekends etc,

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