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These are some little upgrades that people might want for the weekend :-)

If you want any bits just email me

Hard drives, Don't ask about Memory
Quantum 4.3GB $195
Quantum 6.4GB $215
Quantum 10GB $290
Quantum 13GB $333
Quantum 20GB $490
Video and 3D cards
Voodoo II 12MB $130
Preloved Voodoo II 12MB $100
Apollo TNT2 Vanta 32MB $132
Apollo TNT2 Nvidia 32MB $162
Apollo TNT2 Twin Texel 32MB + TV Out $322
Apollo TNT2 Twin Texel 32MB SGRAM $330
Apollo Savage4 16MB $120
Network Cards
Realtek 10Mb PCI Netcard $32
Cheap 10/100Mb $44
Intel Etherexpress 10/100Mb $123
Sound cards
Yamaha PCI Sound Card $40
SoundBlaster 128 PCI $60
Soundblaster Live PCI $140
Soundblaster Live PCI Digital I/O $560