January Long Weekend 2002

Anything you can get your hands on. ;-)

But seriously, you will need to bring:


This one is pretty obvious, Beg Borrow or steal one :-). Once you have one go to the Envy page. and fill out the form attached. I will update the info as we go.


We will not be providing food or drink this weekend. For those who wish to eat and/or drink on the weekend, we suggest bringing a case of your beverage of choice ie. Coke, Jolt. A couple of us will be going on a food shop, so bring some cash to chip in and we'll get snacks/meals etc. Around $15 should cover it.Bring BEER if you want a cool drink we have a spare fridge for drinks but no beer this time. More info on this to follow!!!!!!


If possible, bring a chair. We could make do, and if you're happy to have a sore butt after 3 days of sitting down, fine by us. But, if you want to sit comfortably then I suggest you bring your own chair.


If at all possible, bring a decent joystick and steering wheel/pedals. This will make a HUGE difference in games like TOCA Touring Car and Ubisoft F1GP. Also, a joystick is REQUIRED to play X Wing Vs. Tie Fighter. Beg, steal, borrow or just buy if you can. This will help you tremendously.

Sleeping Arrangements

If you are sleeping here a mattress might come in handy (or some cushions/beanbag/foam mattress/whatever). We will definitely be short on these! There is plenty of room for you to crash as long as you have something to sleep on.