Pedigree - Whelk

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When I got this mare she was known as Black Crystal, We have since traced the brand to Raheen Stud in Queensland, So she is a racing thoroughbred born in 1976.

Gracious Knight
Holy Gift
Sweet Stella
Cubana Star

Black Crysal is very interesting horse, she has had a long and interesting life that I am slowly unravelling. We think she was a race horse named whelk as the brands match but not all the markings. She is a very strong horse with incredible lung capacity and endurance. Her little baby is now over a year old and looks so much like it is hard to tell them apart.
Side on view This is with over 3 months to go before foaling

Head on view Same here a very wide horse.

Nearly there Here she is with one month to go .

Nearly there Here she is with one month to go .

Nearly there Here she is with one month to go .

Just Arrived, Within seconds, this baby is huge

WOW look at my baby and its all mine

Its raining outside, I think I will sleep now

Before it rained, up on my feet in 20 mins, still wobbly though

Where is the milk bar, 2 hours I been looking, and what is that you pointing at me

1 month old and growing fast

I can run, just watch me

What you pointing at me now

Hey come back here and let me see it

Getting big already at 4 weeks old

Im bored I am leaving now, Nope I am coming back

I can bounce too, just watch


Sproing again

Look how I can run :-)

8 weeks old and huge

Opal and her spare mum

Stop breathing down my neck you little snot

Mums and babies running free

All 4 get on really well