Pedigree - Winter Wind

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Winter Wind is an ex race horse that ended up at the knackery while pregnant.

Winter Wind
Imperial Prince
Lady Filou

Windy is a horse we rescued from the meat works because I wanted an extra mare on hand for milk as my orgional plan of Chloe being pregnant at the same time fell apart. I have tracked down the origional owner of windy, and found out that Windy had been given away as Vicki was dispersing all her horses. I still don't know why she was at the doggers.

End on view This is 1 month to go before foaling, Nothing like Crystals size

Windy's Baby born 6/12/99 1:43am

12 Hours old or so

Still wobbly on his feet

Where we going mum

Time for a sleep later that afternoon

1 Month old and following the others down the back

1 Month old but not as big as Opal, but he will be taller

Windy and baby and spare baby

Double trouble !!!

Mums and Babies running free

All 4 get on well together